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Creative Café "Light Café - a calm and bright spirit and science"3/3pict


●Is it good to be bright?
Yamazaki : Finally, I would like you to talk in groups and hopefully discover something new. The theme is "what is the important element to feel light other than the type of light and brightness?"
F: To say from the most abstract point, it would be "what you do at that place". Depending on what you do at that particular place, I think the impression of a light also changes. For example, when you want to concentrate or when you want to simply do work, the right brightness is very important. Then, things like temperature are also very important.
Yamazaki : It is often said that the impression of light changes with temperature.
G: Exactly. For example, if you stay in the sun when it's hot, you feel even hotter. Then there's also the material, the space, and who you're with. Additionally, there is also chronological order. Is it the light you see in the morning, at noon, or at night?
H: Sometimes in the toilet, the declaration also includes scattered shiny stuff and photos. Every time you move, the glitter also reacts with the surrounding. I think this kind of movement and reflection also play an important role.
Yamazaki : Toilets are originally very narrow and oppressive, but by mounting shiny stuff and photos, it can give a totally different impression.
I: Yeah, that's right. It's like the world view totally changes there.
Yamazaki : World view of the toilet (laughter).
J: I think color is the most important thing. For example, if blue light is shone on a piece of cake, it would probably look very much unappetizing. So color is especially important. Then there's the way light is distributed. If light is uniformly distributed, some people probably don't feel that it's very harmonizing. Conversely, if light is distributed in a certain way, it may create a harmonizing environment for some people.
K: I think the feeling is the most important. It's about how you feel when you see the light and space. And what does the feeling depend mostly on? I think it would be "color". For example, instead of artificial light such as florescent light and incandescent light, it is probably easier to understand with natural light. There is refreshing light in the morning and there is very white light at noon. The human rhythm is closely related to the color of the light.
L: The mind settles down in the sunlight. I think that it is natural that everyone feels that way. However, in the old days, people were more nocturnal. It could even be that the eyes become clear in the evening light. It is natural to think that the light of the sunset calms people down, but there are probably things to be considered deeper.
Yamazaki : I see. It's certainly worth considering.
M: After the earthquake, it is recommended to turn off the lights one by one, and there is an atmosphere to extinguish socially dark places together with lights. In other words, we need to think about the balance between light and shadow. One more thing, historical verification is also necessary. Why light is liked or what kind of light is liked? Incorporate this kind of historical accounts. Besides, discover light in jet black and dark things. From there, it is even possible to extend to one's view on life and death.
Yamazaki : Now, even though we just briefly touched on this topic, I think bright is good. But the opinion was also raised that you cannot just single-mindedly focus on making things brighter. When the billboard on the other side is brighter, then we just make our own billboard even brighter, then someone else makes theirs even brighter; the streets will become brighter and brighter and eventually reach a brightness saturation. Of course in the past there were not so many lights in Japan, and there were few street lights. From a certain time, little by little it became brighter, perhaps due to the long-term national policy of rapid economic growth. It can be said that they want to light up the entire Japan. About that, if we had more time, I would really love to discuss about that.
This time, the Light Café was organized not because of the earthquake in rolling blackouts, but the plan was already in place before the earthquake. However, since the earthquake, even more people pay attention to the change of light. We came to the conclusion that this Light Café event is even more meaningful. I think very rarely people have a chance to talk about light with people around them. Since this café, I hope everyone can return home and talk about the lighting in your houses with your families.

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