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Creative Café "Light Café a calm and bright spirit and science ", as part of the Creative Café "Light Series", is a café event organized and run mostly by students. The theme is "Light". Light is naturally all around us, but its relationship to us continues to change. We discussed with the participants the future way of looking at the importance of light.

●How light hits changes the way things look

Yamazaki : I am Takashi Yamazaki , a fourth-year student in the engineering department. I will serve as the chairperson today. Thank you.
hikari_001.jpgPlease look at the photograph here. It is the photograph of Shibuya in the past. I think when everyone hears the word, Shibuya, this kind of very bright night scene comes to mind. However, after the great earthquake, all the light is gone to save electricity now. This is the street in Shibuya now, and it's very dark. On your way here, I think you probably felt the change of light in various places, such as the signboard of the shops or the lights on the platform.
Here, I have a question for everyone.

"Is it inconvenient now that it is dark?"

When Diamond Online conducted a survey, "Is it inconvenient now that it is dark?", 83% of the people answered "There is not so much inconvenience". I think that the change of light is the change of feeling that cannot be expressed by words.
Light is strongly associated with heart. When it's bright, the heart feels safe; when it's dark, the heart feels settled; conversely, when it's dark, the heart feels scared. Moreover, how light hits changes the way something looks very much. Using the miniature model here, I would like to run an experiment to see what kind of impression you receive as the light is changed.
You should have the red and blue seals which were distributed earlier. Now, please consider the four situations. The first situation is the "bedroom", the second is the "living room", the third is the "office", and the fourth is the "café". For each place, I would like you to stick the seals on the board, with the blue seal representing your impression when florescent lamp is used, and the red seal when the incandescent lightbulb is used. On the board here, the vertical axis states "mind" and "don't mind", and the horizontal axis states "pleasant" and "unpleasant". I would like you to project yourself in these situations, and express your feelings by sticking the seals on the board.

hikari_002.jpg(Participants stick the seals on the board)

Yamazaki : Well then, please light up the hall for a moment. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your cooperation. Does anyone have any comments about the experiment?
A: First of all, having used the same wattage of the florescent and the incandescent lamp was a failure. (Laughter) in short, if the florescent lights does not hit uniformly, it is not good.
Yamazaki : It is indeed true. I'm very sorry (laughter).
B: Because we usually spend a lot of time in the office, when we see the warm office light, we feel irritated.
Yamazaki : Definitely. Even in the classroom environment, if the incandescent light was used, everyone will probably fall asleep. In the case of office, people are probably not able to focus.

hikari_003.jpgC: I feel that since we started working on the computer, it doesn't really matter whether the office is bright or dark. It might even be the case that it is easier to concentrate in the dark.
Nohara: I actually agree with that. I dim the lights in the office where I need to think about things. But people say it's strange. At Tokyo Tech, there are probably not so many students who dim the lights when they study.
Yamazaki : It's probably true that when you want to concentrate just by yourself, it's effective the turn off the surrounding lights. Today, I would like to take the opportunity to discover new things or at least become doubtful about the light we always take for granted.

●Four ways to feel about light

(while looking at pictures on four boards)
Yamazaki : This is the board with the polls we took earlier. There is actually a trick to do the distribution here.
First, in the distribution for "offices", many people voted for "unpleasant" when the incandescent light is used: as in the case of florescent light, as expected, the distribution leans towards "don't mind". We think this is also why florescent light is commonly used for school classrooms or office.
hikari_004.jpgNext is the distribution for "cafés". Also as expected for this part, there is a sense of discomfort when florescent light is used in the café, as expressed in "unpleasant" and "mind". In other words, the incandescent light or light with warm colors are typically used in cafés. Therefore, in the situation where the same incandescent light is used, the distribution of "don't mind" is higher.hikari_005.jpg
Next is the "living room". The answer was a little different from what we had expected. We had expected that the florescent light probably would not bring unpleasantness in the living room setting. Surprisingly, this seems like more than half the people felt unpleasantness when florescent light is used in the living room.
The last item is the "bedroom". The vote distribution for this one is similar to that of the living room. When florescent light is used in the bedroom, it is not very comfortable. Conversely, when the incandescent light is used, people feel comfortable and are able to sleep easily. I think that this is also reasonable.
Actually, the axes of "mind", "don't mind", "pleasant" and "unpleasant" are categorized based on certain data.

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