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希望と思えるのは、小さな<ゆらぎ>でさえも成長して、全体構造を変えるからである。Ilya Prigogine , (1917-2003) chemist , physicist

Science and Art

Without science’s discoveries, we wouldn’t be able to pursue our current lifestyles.
Without art’s beauty, we wouldn’t really be living.
Both are necessary, but they sometimes conflict, like water which flows together but with waves and ripples.
This is what we call Creative Flow
Within the waves of science and art, energy, sustainable, deep ecology are flowing, and these can change the ‘city ecology’ within which we live.With these thoughts in mind, we established three projects.

Creating a Science and Art Cafe
We created a space in our lab and competitions for discovery, imagining and building ideas about creative ways of living in cities in the near future.
A ‘gym’ where we can see, feel and think about science and art literacy.

In reality, we are experimenting to encourage a flow of our knowledge and insights to spread outwards.





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