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Lecture information: Editorial Designing in the Media 2014


This is an introductory lecture (Faculty of Engineering, common subject: 2 credits) on becoming a conscious and creative media communicator.
It is said that we are moving from an era when we relied on information communication and advertising experts, to an age when anyone who can express their consciousness becomes "media". In such an Information Society, what is the best way to build knowledge with value?

In this lecture, the participants will attend lectures and workshops, and you will learn how to configure the media. We will introduce the methods of "design edit". "Design edit" is also called "content design", so it produces contents (ideas and opinions), and also work on incorporating visibility into the content and design.

This exercise, is specifically a topic of "looking for Soft Sciences", aimed at writing articles, mutual editing, design and media expressions.

The "Soft Science" here is the handing of people and things, questions about the relationship between things (soft relationship science). Last year the same titled experiment was tested out, and those wishing to participate can find the "Soft Science" referred to here.

While cross-editing designs, you will make a presentation on the last day.
You will get experience of the process of putting together your ideas, and leaping into and reaching the audience.

This is a course for students who see media and public relations and product design fields as important. Also note that it is desirable to continue with the second semester, the "Approaches to Creative Expression(1 credit)".

Schedule for 2014
1) Wednesday May 21 13:30-16:30
No 1 What not to do with the media?
No 2 Creative writing (WS).

2) Wednesday June 4 13:30-16:30
No 3 Thinking about editing techniques.
No 4 Creative writing 2 (WS).
Rough sketch+Design

3) Wednesday June 18 13:30-16:30
No 5 Design fundamentals to know. 

No 6 Let's make contents design.

4) Wednesday July 2 13:30-16:30
No 7 Design 1 (WS).
No 8 Design 2 (WS).

5) Wednesday July 16 13:30-16:30
No 9 Interim Report.
No 10 Debate and way of modifying.

6) Wednesday July 23 13:30-16:30
No 11 Design 3 (WS).
No 12 Final announcement. 

Target audience: undergraduate students of Tokyo Institute of Technology
Class structure: must participate in all class lectures+ workshops
Location: Ookayama campus
Instructor: Kayoko Nohara, Hiroshi Tsuda, Hiroshi Kawasaki.
Credits: 2
Please apply through the academic Web system.
Application number: 5661.

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