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Workshop on innovation in art through the eyes of children and art


If someone says "I can't", does that mean that you can do? John Cage (contemporary music).
An innovation to create something new and important.
To do so, an eye is required which is not just about what you know but also about the "unknown". One eye is the children's eye.
Children's eyes are pure and free from a fixed viewpoint. Isn't art close to this kind of eye?

A flexible approach. An eye which does not see deceit. This workshop will provide a sense of easily overcoming difficulties, and the sensibilities of art as the basic skills of innovation.
It's not necessary to do anything you don't want to do. Even if you are no good at art, that is not a problem. You can have fun like a game. Please participate with a feeling that you are free to take part.

Date and Time: Thursday March 27 13:30-17:30 (13:30start).
Place: Tokyo Institute of Technology Kuramae Hall
Lecturers: Hiroshi Tsuda (Film Art Editor-in-chief).
Participation: free of charge.
Maximum number of participants: 15 (if the number of applicants exceeds 15 a draw will be held).
Please participate in easy to move clothes.
Please make sure you bring your own pens, paper etc.
Those wishing to attend please contact: oubo*filmart.co. jp.

[Part 1: 1:30-3:15]
Meltsbar-let's try the feeling of a liquid body.
By grouping together chairs, firewood, objects, grass etc., make something, and also break it. And rebuild it. From this experience we can know the secret of creativity.

[Part 2: 3:30-5:30]
Creativity lesson
While remembering our experience in Part 1, we will discuss what is required for innovation; "children's eyes" = creativity, putting things into perspective.

1 Staring fixedly-do not miss subtle changes.
2 Change the context.
3 See as a metaphor.
4 Paradox - think paradoxically.
5 Positioning: from what position are you seeing the tree?
6 Discover my personality through improvisation.
7 Ways of activating senses to go deep into ones emotions.
8 I really want to say what I think.
9 Words and images are different from fantasy and imagination.
10 What I have learned today which is for innovation?

In addition, please note that depending on the number of participants on the day and the situation, there may be slight changes.

Hiroshi Tsuda Film Art publishers, editor-in-chief. Has edited art and videos for many years. Has supported various expressions and communicators in world-famous and unnamed museums, Universities and Centers for Lifelong Learning. His book, ' Expression in recreativity" translated by the contemporary experimental musician Pauline Olivet Ross (sonic meditation). Film theory (towards the story) awarded the 6th Tagereo Award for Excellence.

Tokyo Institute of Technology Science & Art Lab Creative Flow
Cooperation with Film Art Co., Ltd.

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