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Cre-ene! Creative Enrgy〜Let out your energy! Cre-ene chan!


While you are moving your body, you are converting energy and can learn about energy. Anyone from elementary school onwards is welcome to attend this event!

Date and Time: Sunday, March 2, 2014, 10:30-17:30
Opening Hours (40 students each)
1. 10:30 - 12:00
2. 13:00-14:30
3. 14:30-16:00
4. 16:00-17:30
Place: Tokyo Institute of Technology Kuramae Hall 1F
(Tokyu Oimachi Line, 1-minute walk from Ookayama Meguro Line).
Click here to sign up
* Note that in the case of too many applicants a draw will be held.

Sponsor: Tokyo Tech Science & Art Lab Creative Flow
Representative: Kayoko Nohara (Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology and the International Student Center) with cooperation of:
Musashino Art University,
Tokyo Institute of Technology Monozukuri Education and Research Support Center, Energy and Environment Education Institute collaborative creation centre of Tokyo Institute of Technology (ACEEES),
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering Department of Computer Science, Kamei Laboratory.

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