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Diversity Cafe: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, in conjunction with Ebisu International Film Festival


As a regional cooperation program associated with the 6th"TRUE COLORS" Ebisu International Film Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo Institute of Technology Science and Art Lab Creative Flow, and Keio University International Student volunteers together with Film Art AMU, are co-hosting this event.

"To appeal to the heart of the people, it is necessary to speak the words of the people "
Nelson Mandela (1918- 2013)

What is Diversity?

What is this thing we call Diversity?

The things about you which you think are "good", you want to be recognised at the same time perhaps? Also that is important to you?

But for yourself, when you see things "I don't understand", or "don't want to understand", you may still think "even if I don't understand it is interesting" or "there is something good there".

It is a feeling not to be extinguished.

Recognising diversity is to understand its differences and inconsistencies, and even conflicting processes in a calm manner. Also, in the process there are maybe things you want to "get" or "lose" simultaneously.

Let's think about "Diversity" of the future.
A cafe beyond national borders.
The 6th Yebisu International Film Festival, sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography" TRUE COLORS introduces the diversity of COLORS= video = ways of the world.

First, we will watch a formal Film Festival screening of "The Last Silent Movie" (Susan Hiller, 2007, 20 minutes). This is a video from the standpoint of Visual Anthropology on "the danger of extinction of multilingual voices".

From the starting point of this work, I'd like you to think in a light-hearted way about "Diversity" at this Cafe.

On the day, overseas students from Tokyo Institute of Technology Science and Art lab Creative Flow and Keio University will bring together people from various countries and discuss diversity with a real crossing of borders.

Anyone can take part. Please come to enter an unknown zone and we will be glad if you enjoy yourselves.
※ This event will be held in Japanese. It should be noted that according to the number of attendees, an English table will be established.

Date and time: 2014.February 21 (Friday).
Doors open 19:00
Discussion in cafe format: 19:30-21:00
Capacity: 10 persons (first-come-first-served basis).
Admission free
Venue: Ebisu AMU
Cooperation: The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Yebisu International Film Festival

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