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Lecture information: Approaches to Creative Expression


You will learn about a variety of media, and a lecture on how to become a creative media-aware communicator (School of Engineering, common subjects: 1 credit).

It is easy to misunderstand Creativity. There is a tendency to think of personal intuition, something of the power of inspiration. But it might not be the case. Talking with a lot of different people from various angles, we have a different perspective from that up to now, and resonate in the world to discover the "value" of cooperative action.

The theme of this year is "the role of society and technology".

What do you understand by the word "society"? What do you think about "the role of technology"? Let's look at these basic questions in the Cafe (interactive) format.

In the first period, we will receive "Media editing design", and learn methods to write and design, and increase the accuracy of creative expression. To do this, we do not have to express ourselves well. How do I capture the real theme, and let's think about connecting with the subject.

For the final day, you will have a presentation, cross-validation, and give advice. This is for students whose curriculum is media and public relations, product design or other departments where expression is required in the course.

It is OK even for students who did not take the "Editorial Designng in the Media" course in the previous year. Bring your office computer.

Target audience: undergraduate students of Tokyo Institute of Technology

Class Schedule (all class workshop participation-type).
Wednesday November 27 13:30-16:30
No 1 Cafe Format dialog.
No 2 Creative perspectives and way of thinking

Wednesday December 4 13:30-16:30
No 3 Provisional announcements
No 4 Expression and practice of design

Wednesday December 11 13:30-16:30
No 5 Creative work final adjustment
No 6 Presentations

Location: Ookayama campus
Instructor: Kayoko Nohara, Hiroshi Tsuda, Hiroshi Kawasaki,
Application: please apply via the academic Websystem. Application No 5664

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