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Innovation Workshop 4: Concept Designing 4


"The design-sensitive engineer" will be needed by society and companies from now on. These are human resources who can display a good balance between design and functionality that incorporate multiple perspectives into various products. The fundamental basis has hidden inside it "how to convert a universal and versatile way of thinking (concept) into a shape or form".

This workshop will discuss a single theme and construct a concept to make a simple design and presentation It is not a matter of "good" or "bad". Together with students from Musashino Art University Department of Design information, we will look at a variety of possibilities, discovery, trial and error, and important things which are overlooked in "converting an idea into a shape ".

Lecture 1 ...Wednesday July 17 13:20-14:50
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Lecture Room TBC).
WS1 Monday July 29 13:30-16:30
WS2 Tuesday July 30 13:30-16:30
WS 3 Thursday August 1 13:30-16:30
WS4 Friday August 2 13:30-16:30
July 31 is free but it is the time required to set up groups scheduled for production activity.

Musashino Art University design lounge (in Roppongi Midtown).
Tokyo Institute of Technology Monozukuri Center Ookayama).

Number of participants:
Around 8-10, after which application will be closed.
* Basic condition is to participate on all dates.

Sponsored by Dell:
Tokyo Tech Science & Art LAB Creative Flow (Nohara) Research Laboratory
and Monozukuri Education and Research Support Center; Musashino Art University.

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