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Lecture information: Editorial Designing in the Media 2013


This is an introductory lecture where you will learn a variety of media methods to make you aware of becoming a creative media communicator (School of Engineering, common subjects: 1 credit).

It is said that we are moving from an era when we had to rely on information and advertising experts to one where anyone can do "conscious expression=media". In such an information society, in order to form knowledge with value we have to know what to do? In this course, through a workshop, we will read and critique a variety of media, text, design and learn "how the media are made". In addition, a design and editing professional will guide you on the creative expression to make written expressions suitable for different media, design and graphics. The final stage will be presentations from each group. There is a limit of 10-20 students. We prefer students who intend to take later the course "creative expression theory.".

Target audience: undergraduate students of Tokyo Institute of Technology

Class Schedule (all class workshop participation-type).
Wednesday June 19 13:30-16:30
No 1 Looking for the principles of media
No 2 Let's learn the basics of text and character representation

Wednesday June 26 13:30-16:30
No 3. Getting to know the fundamentals of design
No 4. Verifying various media

Wednesday July 3 13:30-16:30
No 5. Practical work
No 6. Presentations.

Location: Ookayama campus

Instructors: Kayoko Nohara, Hiroshi Tsuda, Hiroshi Kawasaki,

How to apply: through the academic WebSystem, application number: 5661

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