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Translation series No 2: Implementing localisation: software and culture translation experience


The software market for Web applications and smart-phone applications, is now provided for the global market. If you wish international users to use your product you have to translate the Japanese language to the other country's language, but it is not just translating the words but cultural aspects also must be considered. This is called localization. Localization is different from simple document translation and with software poses some unique challenges.
In this practical course, while translating actual user interfaces and manuals, we will work together to consider and discuss what is software localization, what should be considered, what aspects are very difficult.

(1) A general explanation of localization (lecture-style).
(2) Translation practice (individuals or groups).
* translate the "Expense Recorder" web application used in offices, etc. to record costs.
(3) Announce the results, exchange ideas, comments, etc.

June 26 (Wed. ) 18:30-20:00

The location:
Ookayama Campus West 9 Building, room 202.

Target participants:
Those with an interest in software translation, localization and internationalization from:
- Students of the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
- Students from other universities.
- Programmers or translators from the general public.

Approximately 15 people

Free (however, as shown below, you must bring your own laptop PC).

Items to bring:
- Note PC
- Web Browser-:Chrome or Firefox is desirable
- Text Editor: desirable to be able to view edit symbol (half-width and full-width spaces)
Localization practice software: will be sent to participants by mail beforehand.

Lecturer: Ryutaro Nishino
Translator and software developer, Ph.D. from Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology. Author of "English" to make applications" (Tatsujin Publishing Society, InpressJapan).

please apply from.June 12 (Wednesday). Tokyo Tech students will have priority.

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