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Concept designing2 -call for participants and teaching assistants


Tokyo Institute of Technology, Musashino Art University and AZ Holdings
University-University-Industry joint innovation workshop No 2

Concept designing- call for participants

Society and companies will increasingly need engineers with a good design sense. These will be able to bring together diverse perspectives to create goods which express an optimum balance between design and function. Concept designing fundamentally embodies the issue of how to translate universal and multi-purpose thinking (concept) into a physical form.

In this workshop, there will be a presentation on how to structure and simply mould a design from the concept developed by debating a single theme. We won't say good or bad! Together with Musashino Art University's Design Information Group students, we will explore and grasp the important stages involved in "taking an idea and putting it into a form"- covering various possibilities, viewpoints, trial and error and important matters which are often overlooked. There is no restriction on school or year for students.

June 2011
Thursday 9 9:30-11:00  Tokyo Tech
hursday 16 9:30-11:00  Tokyo Tech
Thursday 23 13:30-16:30 Tokyo Tech

July 2011
Monday 25 13:30-16:30
Tuesday 26 13:30-16:30
Thursday 28 13:30-16:30
Friday 29 13:30-16:30  amu

25-28 workshop will be held at Tokyo Tech Monodukuri Centre/ also at Musashino Art University Straight.

※It may be necessary to adjust 1-2 days depending on the requirements of other meetings.

※It may also be necessary to change depending on the electricity supply situation.

※Participants should attend all days; if you can only attend part of the workshop, please consult.

Numbers:5-6 plus some teaching assistants.  
applications :creative-flow@ryu.titech.ac.jp

Organiser: TokyoTech Science and Art Lab Creative Flow (Overseas Student Centre- Nohara Lab); Monodukuri Education and Research Support Centre; Musashino Art University Design Information Group. In cooperation with AZ Holdings

●amu http://www.a-m-u.jp/
Ebisu West 1-17-2 [MAP(google map)]

●Tokyo Institute of Technology Monodukuri Centre http://www.mono.titech.ac.jp/
Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Ookayama 2-12-1, Ookayama Campus West 2 Building, 1st floor [MAP(access map)]

●Musashino Art University New Satellite http://cc.musabi.ac.jp/whatsnew/040413.html
West Shinjuku 1-25-1, Shinjuku Centre Building 9 Floor
※For maps please click the above links.


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